FlexOVit™ 4" X 1/4" X 3/8" A36Q Aluminum Oxide HIGH PERFORMANCE™ Reinforced Type 1 Grinding Wheel For Use With Die and Straight Grinder On Metal, Stainless Steel And Other Alloys (Quantity 20)

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Item Details

  • FlexOVit™ HIGH PERFORMANCE™ A36Q Type 1 Reinforced Grinding Wheel measuring 4" X 1/4" X 3/8" is made from aluminum oxide and is used in surface prep jobs like weld grinding, burr removal, smoothing of alloys. Abrasive wheel offering an RPM of 15278 meets the demands of industries at an economical price and is used with straight and die grinder on metal, stainless steel as well as other alloys. Wheel has an advanced engineering which delivers maximum productivity at an exceptional value. The maximum RPM should not be exceeded and it complies well with OSHA, ANSI safety code B7-1. It is used in foundry, construction, metal fabrication, mining, nuclear, ship building, wind energy and is sold as 20 per box.


  • Maximum productivity
  • Exceptional value
  • State of the art engineering




  • Metal fabrication
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and gas
  • Ship building
  • Structural steel
  • Wind energy
  • Foundry
  • Construction
  • Notching


WARNING !!! Improper use may cause wheel breakage and serious injury. Comply with OSHA, ANSI Safety Code B7-1. Use only on machine designed and guarded for Type 27 wheel. Never exceed maximum RPM marked on wheel. Wear protective eye wear and clothing. DO NOT USE ON PISTOL GRIP SANDERS.

Product Attributes

Abrasive Type Grinding Wheel

Diameter 4"

Arbor 3/8"

Wheel  Type 1


Thickness 0.25 in

Material Aluminum Oxide

Specifications A36Q

RPM 15278