Norton® 9" X 1/8" X 7/8" Very Coarse DC918BF Aluminum Oxide Zirconia Alumina BlueFire™ Type 27 Depressed Center Cut Off, Notching And Light Grinding Wheel Wheel For Use With Right Angle And Small Angle Grinder On Steel (Quantity 20)

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Item Details

  • Norton® BlueFire™ Grinding, Cut Off And Notching Wheel of 9" Dia is ideal for welding, metal fabrication, pipeline or petrochemical, foundry and construction applications and is used with right angle or small angle grinders on steel material. Cut off wheel of thickness 1/8" is able to rotate at 6600 RPM using 7/8" arbors for delivering an improved performance and is made from zirconia alumina or aluminum oxide for enhanced durability. Type 27 depressed center cut off wheel renders grinding or cutting operation of variety of materials at higher efficiency and is sold as 20 per pack.


  • Cool cutting leaves no burn marks
  • No other zirconia wheel will provide the superior performance-to-price ratio of Norton® BlueFire™
  • Enchanced performance and life - up to 20% vs former Norton® Charger wheels


  • Metal fabrication
  • Pipeline and petrochemical
  • Foundry and construction
  • Welding

Product Attributes

Abrasive Type Cut Off Wheel  Grinding Wheel  Notching Wheel

Diameter 9"

Arbor 7/8"

Wheel  Type 27 Depressed Center

Trade Name BlueFire™

Thickness 0.125 in

Material Aluminum Oxide  Zirconia Alumina

Grit Very Coarse

RPM 6600