3Mª Large Thermoplastic Elastomer Full Face 6000 Series Reusable Respirator With 4 Point Harness And Bayonet Connection

3Mª 6000 Series Large Full Face Thermoplastic Elastomer Facepiece designed to help provide respiratory protection against certain airborne contaminants. Facepiece featuring lightweight, balanced design is rendered with silicone face seal for greater comfort and durability. Reusable Facepiece is provided with large lens offering a wide field of view and an excellent visibility. Facepiece with a unique center adapter directs exhaled breath and moisture downward and helps to reduce debris from depositing in the valve allowing for quick and easy cleaning. It is featured with air purifying respirator, supplied air and powered air purifying respirator modes. In negative pressure mode, it protects against concentrations up to 10 times the permissible exposure limit(PEL) if qualitatively fit tested and up to 50 times the PEL if quantitatively fit tested. In supplied air or powered air mode, helps protect against concentrations up to 1000 times the PEL with either type of fit testing. This Facepiece is used with 6000 series cartridges, 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 series filters or dual airline systems to render protection against a variety of gases, vapors and particulate hazards.