3Mª Small Silicone Ultimate Half Mask 7500 Series Reusable Respirator With 3Mª Cool Flowª Exhalation Valve, 4 Point Harness And Bayonet Connection

3Mª Small Silicone Half Mask Reusable Ultimate Series 7500 Facepiece comes with 3Mª Cool Flowª Exhalation Valve which includes a unique valve design that helps to make breathing easier, to reduce heat and moisture buildup in the Facepiece. It is made from soft, resilient silicone and heat resistant plastics which provides a softer feel on the face. It includes unique adjustment design that helps to reduce pressure points on the face for unsurpassed comfort and head harness design that adjusts easily to use in either traditional or drop down modes. It is applicable in abatement, painting, welding, battery manufacturing, construction, utilities, mining, pharmaceutical, smelting and chemical handling. Misuse may result in sickness or death.