3M™ 22" Gray Maintenance Sorbent Drum Cover With Skirt For 55 Gallon Drum

3M™ 22" Gray Maintenance Sorbent Drum Cover with skirt is used to prevent dripping and spilling that takes place during dispensing of hydrocarbon materials used in daily operations. Cover with a absorption capacity of 12 Gallon is designed to use with 55 Gallon drums and absorbs hydrocarbon based liquids while repelling aqueous based liquids. The skirt suits properly around the base of the drum and cutouts are provided for dispensing bungs. It features a scrim on one side of the cover that increases strength and helps in eliminating linting. The dust-free cover contains no abrasive granules and enables the absorbent to integrate into a plant appearance. Cover can be re-used by incineration or fuel blending and the saturated cover indicates the user that it can be replaced without compromising with the appearance.