3M™ 3" X 4' Light Gray Polypropylene And Polyester Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom

3M™ 3" X 4' Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom absorbs 1 gal of non-aggressive liquids. Mini-boom with particulate sorbent material has scrim on outside for strength. Booms can be placed around the base of equipment to help contain fluids that may leak or spill, preventing spread to adjacent work areas. It is Ideal for placing around equipment and finds it application in industrial machinery leaks/drips/spills, splashes of non-aggressive maintenance fluids, wiping down oily tools, tabletops or under work surfaces, indoor vehicle parking areas - for trucks/compressors/lift equipment, areas where an oily mist is problematic, under oily machined metal parts while they drip off prior to packing and shipping.