3M™ 3" X 4' White Polypropylene And Polyester Sorbent Mini-Boom

3M™ T4 3" X 4' White Petroleum Sorbent Mini-Boom absorbs up to 100% more oil by weight than other leading melt blown sorbents. Mini-boom is designed with a scrim to enhance particulate sorbent material and feature tube-like shape to encircle spills or contain leaks. Sorbent material in the boom is a selective sorbent, that only "sorb" hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous-based liquids (hydrophobic). Economic boom can be wrung out, re-used and disposed of easily. Temperature/humidity resistant boom finds application in controlling, cleaning up, recovering oil or petroleum based liquids from effluent discharge, streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, drain, pumps or other bodies of water, in-plant spills under leaking equipment and machinery in place of clay granules.