3Mª Peltorª Black And Chartreuse Model X4P3E/37278(AAD) Cap Mount Hearing Conservation Earmuffs

3Mª Peltorª Black/Chartreuse Cap Mount Earmuffs with 25 db NRR feature low profile and are lightweight by nature while are structured to protect against moderate-to-high level industrial noise and other loud sounds. Earmuffs having band made of stainless steel withstands bending and warping to deliver consistent operation and are latest advancement in hearing conservation. They incorporate convenience, design and protection while universal mounting attachment accommodates most rugged hats, consist of replaceable ear cushions and foam liners. Earmuffs have ear cup pivot points that tilt for flawless comfort and efficiency while withstands pressure over elongated wearing periods. Earmuffs use newly structured spacer specially formulated foam liners and contemporary ear cushions to help enhance attenuation.