Allegro¨ 14" X 13 5/8" X 15" 1275 cfm 1/3 hp 115 VAC 3 A Motor Cold Rolled Steel Axial Blower With 8" Duct Carry Handle And Rubber Feet

Allegro¨ AC Axial Blower measuring 8" features a tough steel construction and the 1/3 HP motor offers a flow rate of 1275 CFM. It offers a flow rate of 661 cfm for one 90 deg bend and a flow rate of 582 cfm for two 90 deg bends. It contains a durable grill, a rubber feet and a carrying handle for easy transport and has the specifications of 3 A, 115 VAC. Blower delivers a high output from an AC motor and has a compact design for storage.