2" Lenox® Standard Diamond Grit Hole Saw For Use With 2L, 3L, 6L, 7L Standard And 2L, 6L Snap-Back™ Arbors, Package Size: 32 Each

Item Details

  • Lenox® 2" Dia Diamond Grit/Standard Hole Saw with a 1 1/2" pipe entrance features a robust design that offers great durability in tough applications. Saw can be used with 2L, 6L snap-back as well as 2L, 3L, 6L, 7L standard arbor and contains round holes that facilitates easy plug removal. Blade with a brazed Diamond edge cuts more holes in tile and stone at a faster rate.


  • Long lasting: brazed diamond edge for more holes in tile and stone
  • Durable: robust design for greater durability in tough applications
  • Fast cutting: cuts holes in less time than carbide grit or carbide tipped hole saws
  • Easier plug removal: round holes make removing plugs faster and easier

Product Attributes

Saw Blade Type: Hole Saw

Blade Size: 2" Dia

Cutting Depth: 1

Blade Type: Diamond Grit » Standard

Material: Carbide Tipped