Lenox® Hex Style Standard 7L Hole Saw Arbor For Use With 1 1/2" - 6" (24L - 96L) Hole Saws, Package Size: 65 Each

Item Details

  • Lenox® 1 1/2 - 6" 7L Carbon Steel Standard Hole Saw Arbor with a solid hex shank of size 3/8" or more features a plug ejection mechanism. Arbor is designed to use with 24L-96L hole saw and has a split point pilot drill that facilitates quick penetration.


  • Added durability: hardened carbon steel for strength
  • Starts on contact: split point pilot drill for faster penetration and less walking
  • Plug ejection feature

Product Attributes

Saw Blade Type: Hole Saw Arbor

Arbor/Shank: 3/8" Hex

Blade Type: Standard

Material: Carbon Steel