Ansell Size 8 Green Scorpio® 12" Interlock Knit Lined 15 mil Neoprene Fully Coated Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves With Rough Finish And Gauntlet Cuff

Ansell Scorpio® Size 8 Interlock Knit Lined Green Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves with gauntlet Chemical Resistant Gloves are made from neoprene that offers great protection from a wide range of chemicals. 12" Textured Chemical Resistant Gloves with a rough grip design offer a snug fit with high degree of fingertip sensitivity and facilitates easy donning. It offers comfort on wet, slippery materials and minimizes the seams that cause hand irritation and premature wear-through. It can be used in aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, general industry, oil refining, plastics and more.