SHOWA™ Size 9 Zorb-IT® Extra Abrasion Resistant Gray Nitrile Dipped Palm Coated Work Gloves With White Seamless Nylon And Polyester Knit Liner And Elastic Cuff

Zorb-IT® Extra Large Size 9 General purpose Gray Deeper Dipped Sponge Nitrile Palm Coated Work Gloves with white seamless nylon liner offer more protection with 75 % more hand coverage. Gloves stand up on repeated washing with no shrinkage and absorbs almost twice as much oil and grease while still delivering a sure grip. It produces maximum oil absorbency nitrile dip that conforms and adheres to the nylon shell like no other glove. It is used in applications like construction, oily parts handling, mechanics, automotive assembly, maintenance, refineries, highway work, roofing, shipping and receiving.