SHOWAª Size 10 Large Black Neo Grabª Elbow Length Cotton Lined Neoprene Fully Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves With Rough Finish And Gauntlet Cuff

SHOWAª Neo Grabª Large Chemical Resistant Multi Dipped Chemical Resistant Gloves with heavy duty cotton flanner liner features 100% neoprene coating with heavy weight elbow length gauntlet cuff. 14" Rough FinishSanitized¨ Chemical Resistant Gloves with rough textured grip are ideal for heavy-duty application such as pellet-blasting and sandblasting. Durable and launderable Chemical Resistant Gloves is used to protects against acids, caustics, oils, greases and many solvents as well as from abrasion and cut hazards. It finds its application in food processing, battery manufacturing, paper pulp processing, fuel handling and refineries, manufacturing and in masonry and concrete. Flexible Chemical Resistant Gloves are in compliance with 21CFR 170-199.