SHOWAª Size 10 X-Large Black Chem Masterª 12" Flock Lined 26 mil Unsupported Neoprene Rubber Latex Chemical Resistant Gloves With Tractor Tread Finish And Straight Cuff

SHOWAª X-Large Chem Masterª Chemical Resistant Gloves with 100% cotton flock liner has neoprene-over-natural rubber construction that also provides excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. 12" flexible and tactile sensitive glove with 26 mil thickness has a self-flushing tractor-tread grip that encourages to run off fluids for effective gripping. Straight cuff Chemical Resistant Gloves offers good resistance to acids, alcohol, oils, grease, caustics, salts, ketones, detergents, petroleum based solvents and animal fats. Economical Chemical Resistant Gloves is applicable for automotive and battery manufacturing, chemical plants, aircraft assembly, food processing, pesticides manufacturing, plant maintenance and printing clean up. Chemical Resistant Gloves is in compliance with 21 CFR and parts 170 -199.