Onguard Industries Size 9 Storm King Black 27" PVC And Polyester Hip Waders With Cleated Outsole, Steel Toe And Removable Insole

Onguard Size 9 Black Storm King/Hip Waders with cleated outsole are used in utilities, municipalities, aquaculture and commercial fishing application for giving an extreme waterproof protection to the hips. Non-absorbent line waders are designed from lightweight PVC material and polyester backing for enhanced durability. Waders feature an adjustable polyester nylon strap with replaceable cushion insoles and a steel toe storm king that complies with ASTM F2413-05. Chest waders can be easily folded or rolled without any cracks and the material is resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, saltwater or ozone. Chest waders with an injected molded seamless boots construction include steel midsole in selected styles and offer an excellent flexibility in cold weather.