Brady¨ 15" X 150' SPCª Gray 2-Ply Meltblown Polypropylene Dimpled Heavy Weight High Traffic Sorbent Roll, Perforated Lengthwise Every 5" And Cross-Wise Every 18"

Brady¨ 15" X 150' Gray Dimpled Medium Weight High Traffic Roll with absorbency of 23 gal/bale absorbs oil and water-based fluids. Durable roll features universal melt blown 2-ply construction with hybrid technology and has abrasion resistant upper layer. Perforated roll lengthwise for the 3 - 5" width dimensions, cross-wise every 18" reduces waste and is ideal for walkways, machine areas, under assembly lines. It finds application for overspray leaks and drips, workstations, drums - liquid storage, outfalls and discharge ponds.