Brady¨ 15" X 19" SPCª White 1-Ply Meltblown Polypropylene Dimpled Perforated Light Weight Double Coverage Sorbent Pad (200 Per Bale)

Brady¨ SPCª 15" X 19" Light Weight Oil Sorbent Pad with absorbency of 40 gal/bale absorbs oil and petroleum based fluids. Pad features efficient single-ply construction with MAXX technology that offers greater performance without the extra weight. Dimpled pad has hydrophobic nature that is ideal for outdoor applications. Perforated pad is cost- effective and is ideal for spill response, clean up, offshore or ship-board spills, outdoor industrial applications. It finds application for overspray leaks, drips, workstations, heavy clean up and wipe up, drums - liquid storage, outfalls or discharge ponds.