Bullard¨ Cool Tube Assembly (Includes 1/4" Industrial Interchange Quick Disconnect Nipple, Adjustable Temperature Control And 4612 Nylon Belt) (For Use With 88VX, CC20 And GR50 Series Respirators)

Bullard¨ Climate Control Cool Tube Assembly is suitable with W/88, CC20, GR50 and MB30 series respirators with compressed air. Cool tube assembly includes flow control valve that allows user to adjust cool air to meet the comfort requirements and 1/4" industrial interchange Hansen and compatible quick disconnect nipple. It contains leather heat shield and assorted belts. It has models AC1000, frigitron2000, Bullard¨ ADP20, EDP30 free-air¨ pumps and ACL99 respirators that is used for worker's efficiency and improves productivity in uncomfortably hot work environments and can be applicable with Bullard¨ continuous flow hood/helmet style respirators. It is ideal for hot or humid environments and is approved by NIOSH standards.