DBI/SALA¨ Protecta¨ Compliance-In-A-Canª Fall Protection Kit (Includes 1191995 FIRSTª Harness With Pass-Thru Buckle Legs And 5-Point Adjustment, 1341001 PROª 6' Single-Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard And Carry Bag, 3600 lb Hooks)

DBI/SALA¨ Protectaª Harness includes 5 point harness, single-leg shock-pack lanyard with 3600 lb Hooks and bag. Compliance-In-A-Canª Light kits feature designs that include improved fit, updated colors and durable lightweight construction. Protecta¨ PROª gear offers greater comfort and extra safety which translates to reduced worker fatigue and increased productivity. Each and every Protecta¨ PROª lanyard now features 3600 lb gated hooks meeting ANSI Z359.