Justrite¨ 60" X 65" X 32" Aluminum Horizontal 16 Cylinder Storage Locker With (6) Manual Close Door And (6) Shelves (For Flammables)

Justrite¨ 16 Cylinder Horizontal Storage Locker has heavy-gauge non-sparking aluminum construction that stands up to abusive outdoor elements and the wire mesh sides prevent dangerous build-up of flammable gases. Storage locker measuring 60" X 65" X 32" has unique slanted roof design that sheds rain and ice and can be used for cylinder storage. This locker is 66% lighter than steel, 20% heavier than similar models and extruded frame adds exceptional strength. 11 Modular style provides an efficient, attractive solution to expand multi-cabinet storage and offers additional resistance to tampering. Cylinder stays secure on sturdy racks that prevent rolling and is designed for a single padlock to secure door and prevent unauthorized use. Locker comes with four labels and complies with NFPA 58 code for LPG storage and OHSA 1910.110 standards.