Microflex¨ Large Blue 11.6" Supreno¨ EC 5.5 mil Nitrile Ambidextrous Non-Sterile Medical Grade Powder-Free Disposable Gloves With Textured Finger Tip Finish, Extended Beaded Cuff And Polymer Coating

Microflex¨ Supreno¨ EC Large Blue Gloves are made of ambidextrous, non-sterile, 5.9 mil nitrile material to provide high durability and safety. 11.6" Gloves are ideally designed to provide higher secure grip with unique and reliable protection against high-risk applications including the use of chemotherapy drugs. Disposable gloves with extended beaded cuff features powder-free polymer inner coating and textured fingers finish for extra grip. Reliable single use gloves meet or exceed the emergency medical glove requirements of NFPA 1999 standard on protective clothing for emergency medical operations, 2003 edition.