MSA 6' FP Diamond¨ Polyester Single-Leg Shock-Absorbing Lanyard With 36C Steel Snap Hook Harness And Anchorage Connections

MSA FP Diamond¨ Single-Leg Energy-Absorbing Lanyard measuring 6' comes with 36C snap hook harness and anchorage connections. Lanyard features durable polyester sheath for enhanced abrasion and UV resistance. Lanyard featuring highly visible deployment tag keeps average fall arrest forces below 900 lb. Lanyard is provided with a pouch less, streamlined design for lighter weight and comfortable wear. The energy absorber maintains fall arrest forces below ANSI and OSHA limits and deceleration distance is controlled to a maximum of 42". Energy absorbing lanyard connects the back D-ring of MSA full-body harnesses to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector.