MSA 6' FP5K¨ Nylon Web Single Leg Tie-Back Energy-Absorbing Lanyard With 36C And FP5K Connectors, Adjustable Webbing And Sure-Stop¨ Shock Absorber

MSA FP5K¨ 6' Nylon Web Single-Leg Tie-Back Energy-Absorbing Lanyard is provided with a unique carabiner body shape which avoids confusion with standard connectors not designed for tie-back applications. Lanyard featuring Monster-Edgeª webbing is provided with 12000 lb of minimum breaking strength. Lanyard with 36C snap hook and FP5K¨ snap hook features Sure-Stop¨ shock absorber to keep fall arrest forces below 900 lb. Internal wear indicator includes two yellow threads that when visible alarms a user when the lanyard should be removed from service due to severe abrasion. This USA approval certified lanyard finds its applications in confined space, painting and welding.