MSA Full Face Constant Flow Airline Respirator Assembly (Includes Black Medium Hycar Ultravue¨ Full Facepiece, Hose, Web Support Belt, Snap-Tite Aluminum Quick-Disconnect And High Pressure Control Valve)

MSA Constant Flow Airline Respirator Assembly maintains a slight positive pressure of air inside the facepiece when the user is inhaling or exhaling. Respirator comes with black medium Hycar Ultravue¨ full facepiece, a hose, a web support belt, snap-tite aluminum quick-disconnect and a high-pressure control valve. It is ideal for applications such as welding, painting and hazardous materials. It helps to prevent pollutants from leaking in around the facepiece. It supplies a continuous flow of air from an external source and can be used in non-IDLH environments.