Nice Pak¨ Sani Professional¨ Sani-Hands¨ delivers a variety of benefits for sensitive skin. It contains Tencel¨ which known for its environmentally friendly biodegradable fabric from wood pulp cellulose. It does not contain any oil-based synthetic fibers or synthetic binders that are usually found in many wipe materials. Sani-Hands¨ with Tencel¨ contains 65.9% SD Alcohol to kill 99.99% of germs. It contains a moisturizer to help prevent skin from drying out. It is ideal for use in food prep areas, serving stations and checkout/cashier stations. It comes in a canister which is convenient to use anywhere even where no water or soap is available. Tencel is made from renewable resources and it makes the product go green. Wipes meets the food code's hand sanitization requirements.