Norton® 20" X 5/32" X 1" 24 Grit Coarse 90A244-YB97N Aluminum Oxide Zirconia Alumina Blend Flat And Free cut Type 1 Cut Off Wheel For Use With Chop Saw (Quantity 10)

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Item Details

  • Norton® Reinforced Flat Cut Off Wheel of 20" Dia is ideal for gate or riser removal, cutting forgings in foundry or forge shops and is used with chop saw on foundry materials. Cut off wheel of thickness 5/32" is able to rotate at 2710 RPM using 1" arbor for easy rotation and is made from premium 90A abrasive with B97 bonding system for enhanced durability. Type 1 cut off wheel offers longer life against B65 bond wheels at an economical price for each cut and is sold as 10 per pack.


  • Premium 90A abrasive and B97 bond system
  • Longer life versus B65 bond wheels
  • Lowest cost per cut
  • Offer longer life over B25 bond wheels especially on stainless steels


  • Foundry/forge shops – gate/riser removal, cutting forgings

Product Attributes

Abrasive Type Cut Off Wheel

Diameter 20"

Arbor 1"

Wheel  Type 1

Trade Name B97

Thickness 0.15625 in

Material 90A Abrasive

Grit 24  Coarse

RPM 2710