Gastecª Glass Carbon Disulfide Low Range Detector Tube (For Use With Gastecª Gas Detection System) (10 Per Box)

Gastecª Carbon Disulphide Gas Detector Tube features 4 pump strokes and 1/4 correction factor for 0.63 - 1.25 ppm measuring range, 2 pump strokes and 1/2 correction factor for 1.25 - 2.5 ppm measuring range, 1 pump strokes and 1 correction factor for 2.5 - 50 ppm measuring range and 1/2 pump strokes and 2 correction factor for 50 - 100 ppm measuring range. Detector tube with sampling time of 3 min per pump stroke is ideal to detect carbon disulphide in air or the industrial areas and environmental atmospheric condition. Detector with 0.3 ppm detecting limit, changes color from blue to yellow.